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Welcome to forum of WTF clan...

WTF Clan ftw!!! Orion,Anubis,PHOBOS,///m5,mirCxe,X-TaZ,sONE & N.N.

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|<WTF>| Clan Application

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1 |<WTF>| Clan Application on Thu May 20, 2010 6:04 am

Name: Oimatex
Garena Name: Oimatex
Garena Level: 10
Cod4 Level: 55 (64 180 xp)
Game Time: 1 day 7 hours
K/D Ratio: 6290 Kills to 3025 deaths = about 2.2
Preferred position/weapon: Rusher/P90 w/ silencer
Sniper/M40A3 w/ or w/out ACOG

Perks for rusher: Bandolier/Stopping Power/Deep Impact or Steady Aim

Perks for sniper: Claymore's/Stopping Power/Deep Impact or Steady Aim with ACOG.

I live in the US on the East Coast, play on Fun to Frag server mostly on garena. Usually play from 9 pm to 12am Eastern time (-5)

Skype: Oimatex
Xfire: Oimatex
E-Mail: oimatex@hotmail.com

Cheers! Very Happy

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